There are many reasons why a new driver like yourself should go to a Driving School before trying to get your Driving License. Following are some reason for joining Driving School.

Joining Driving School allows you to become more comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Hence you will feel safer driving as expert person who will assist/guide you while driving.

Driving School will help you to learn all of the road signs boards, traffic rules and how to approach any kind of situation you might come across on the road while driving.

The skills and knowledge you will acquire through driving school will help you with driving for the rest of your life.

The experience that you will gain from all of the driving School will make you a much better driver.


Vehicle control
Night driving
Reading traffic
Simple reversing
Speed management
Point turns and U-turns
Correct road positioning
Reverse and parallel parking
School zones and pedestrian crossings
Proper driving distance between vehicles
Scanning the road ahead and using mirrors
Freeway, city, highway and open road driving
Merging, lane changing and dealing with blind spots
Correct use of intersections, roundabouts, traffic lights and stop and give way signs


Learning License :

In today's day and age, knowing how to drive a motor vehicle is an essential skill set that one needs to master to swiftly travel around places. A Learner's License is a document issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) that acts as a provisional and restricted driving license.

Driving license :

A person holding an effective DRIVING LICENSE issued by Regional Transport Office (RTO) only is enabled to drive a motor vehicle in any public place. Such person is entitled to drive the vehicle belonging to the particular class of vehicle which is mentioned in his/her driving license.

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Get Your  Driving Licence via Post

Get Your Driving Licence Via Post